Looking for your local Black homeschool community? We are launching Village pods across the US. 
Let us know where you are so we can connect you with other Black + Brown homeschooling families. Our goal is to launch Village cohorts across the US in Fall 2023.
Connect with homeschoolers like you, near you. 

Here's what's to expect after you complete this form:

Fill out this form (and tell your friends to, too!) so we know you want a local community established

You may be thinking there are no homeschoolers near you, but you would be surprised to the number of families that have found someone just around the corner! This form is the first step to expanding your community. 

The Village will connect interested families and seek out local community-minded leaders. 

We believe that your local Village should have the support of our national organization while being flexible to meet your local community's needs. 

You'll be connecting with fellow Black homeschooling families near you soon!

We already have five new cities on our list and plan to launch as many local cohorts as possible in Fall 2023. Be sure to spread the word!

Village life is good, good.
Here's what a few of our sisters have to say about The Village.
"All I have to say is that I wish I had this group when I started. I could have saved so much time and money. Seriously, if you’re still deciding, we are on a family budget that is TIGHT, but these dollars are saving me and could have saved me so much more if I had joined sooner. The value far exceeds the cost.”
Village Sister & Homeschool Mom of 4
"I’ve been homeschooling for several years and always wished there was a group like this. I joined some online FB groups as they became available, but they were nothing like this. So much positivity, fun, and encouragement!"
Veteran Homeschool Mom of 20 years
"Simply put, The Village is MY people! Mamas who look like me, who have kids that look like mine and who are also homeschooling. It just hits “different” when you connect people who genuinely care and support you all the while understanding the joys and trials that come along with homeschool. The advice, support and connection is immeasurable."
Homeschool Mom of 1